Electric Lice Remover

Electric Lice Remover

Electric Lice Remover

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Electric Flea Comb is a revolutionary new device that is designed to keep you and your pets happy by combining a comb and vaccum technology.

Your pets get a soothing massage with the comb, while simultaneously receiving a premium flea and lice removal.

Features: Easy to use: All lice and eggs captured in the disposable capture filter, which allows secure and disposable.

Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angles as well as a compact and ergonomic designed electronic head lice comb.

The combing unit features stainless steel teeth with gentle rounded edges and 2 adjustable combing angles.

After treatment, simply detach the capture filter and snap on the lid for hygienic disposal.

Simple and user-friendly, the comb is a reusable and allergy-free head lice comb for both children and adults.

This gentle, yet effective, treatment is safe for home use and eliminates both head lice and their eggs (nits) without the need for harmful chemicals or special lice shampoos.

Product size: 16*8.5*3CM


What can I say , quality quality quality ! Lovely and thick pet bed , and it doesn’t slip and slide everywhere , I’ve bought a lot of pet beds in my time this is the best by far!

John Russell

I highly recommend the food dispenser, it helps me monitor the amount of treats I give my pets!

Chris Turner

Great puppy bed, our puppy loves it, to the point I’ve ordered another one for the lounge. He gets himself really cosy in it, and if he gets to warm he slides 1/2 his body out onto the wooden floor.

Catherine C.

Great customer service and delivery speed was amazing.

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