Dancing Fish Cat Toy

Dancing Fish Cat Toy

Dancing Fish Cat Toy

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First Realistic Fish Toy With Smart Motion Sensor and Built-in Rechargeable Battery Motion Detecting Motor Inside – Kicks Just Like a REAL Fish When Touched.

Stops Itself When Left Alone! Refillable Catnip Pouch – Cat Safe Velcro Pocket is Easy to Refill with Catnip Over and Over Again!

Your order comes with USB charger, catnip, motor with built-in rechargeable battery and the washable fish fabric.

Built-in rechargeable battery: It comes with a USB charger, and a built in battery that lasts hours after a full charge.

This would be enough time to entertain your cat and relieve the stress throughout the day.

Tough enough to handle the fiercest hunters: The Dancing Fish toy is made of high-quality material, so you don’t have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy being scratched or bitten by the cat. Did you know cats get depressed too?

Cats actually show signs of being clinically depressed, in a way that affects their physical health and quality of life.

Cats become depressed through a lack of stimulation. Boredom is a trigger of depression for cats and humans alike!

Increased periods of playtime is recommended by vets to avoid depression in cats.

This toy can help you solve all these problems, and give you an active, lovely and healthy cat. The Dancing Fish Cat Toy is an interactive toy fish with three modes of vibration to keep your cat engaged.


What can I say , quality quality quality ! Lovely and thick pet bed , and it doesn’t slip and slide everywhere , I’ve bought a lot of pet beds in my time this is the best by far!

John Russell

I highly recommend the food dispenser, it helps me monitor the amount of treats I give my pets!

Chris Turner

Great puppy bed, our puppy loves it, to the point I’ve ordered another one for the lounge. He gets himself really cosy in it, and if he gets to warm he slides 1/2 his body out onto the wooden floor.

Catherine C.

Great customer service and delivery speed was amazing.

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